Beginner Driver Education Course & Private Lessons

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BDE vs. Private Lessons

This might help you decide…

The Beginer Driver Education program is the best choice for new drivers. It is approved by the MTO and is designed to give you road knowledge and driving experience through a licensed Driving Instructor.

Private lessons are good for students with past driving experience who need help with specific skills.

If you want to be fully licenced faster, then the BDE is for you. G1 drivers must wait 12 months before they can get their G2, but drivers who have passed the BDE only need to wait 8 months. 

Although private lessons can be less expensive upfront, the BDE is designed to give you the most experience and can save you money long term. Insurance, collisions, and multiple road tests are expensive. The BDE even teaches fuel efficiency! If you think you need multiple lessons the BDE may be the best choice.

If you have a licence from another country you may be able to take the full “G” Road Test. It is highly recommended that you take private lessons or the BDE to make sure you have the skills to pass. Driving requirements from other countries and provinces can be significantly different from those in Ontario.

Have a licenced instructor assess your skills before booking a road test. If you are planning on taking lessons you should wait to book your test.

If you have specific concerns and still can’t decide contact us using the questions box below or call/text (705) 650-0065. Through a 1h lesson a driving instructor can determine if the BDE is right for you.